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Beauty And Brawn: Using Copper Gardening Tools - Alchemade Blog

Posted by Liz Glissmeyer on 25th Nov 2014

Beauty And Brawn: Using Copper Gardening Tools - Alchemade Blog

We used to think those rusty tools in our garden shed only served one purpose: to dig a hole. Once the hole was dug, the tools would either be left out on the deck for a few days, or hastily tossed back in the empty flower pot in the garage with the rest of the hand tools. Does this sound familiar? 

Yes, most tools can get the dirty digging job done. However, if we put half as much thought into the kinds of tools that we are using so frequently to cut into our expensive, organic, peat moss and pine bark infused potting soil, we might actually see good results. When we discovered copper gardening tools, it was the absolute beauty of them that caught our eye. When we started doing the research behind those shiny works of art is when the tables really turned. 

It turns out that copper has been used in gardening and farming for centuries. In the nineteenth century, a farmer discovered that his crops were flourishing after using copper plows. Properties of the copper (actually a hardened copper alloy), were positively enriching the soil, helping with water retention and improving soil naturally by adding trace elements. Once this was discovered, gardeners and farmers alike began using copper in their soil. 

What's more than that? The properties of copper have been known to deter slugs and snails, help soil absorb natural minerals, and create a more positive charge as opposed to the negative charge of lead or iron. The copper is resistant to rust, ages beautifully, and has strong, sharp edges that effortlessly cuts through soil. It really has become difficult to imagine a reason to not be using copper in our gardening. 

Although it took some time, we abolished our careless and thoughtless gardening habits. The tools you use can, and will change the way you garden. They will change the way you take care of your tools, and the way you show off your herb garden, greenhouse, or urban horticulture oasis. We took the time and research to develop the right tools for your garden, promising a beautiful, hand-crafted masterpiece, with the durability to handle a never-ending Spring.