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Posted by Liz Glissmeyer on 12th Jan 2015

Learn The Endless Health Benefits Of Copper - Alchemade Blog

We buy organic, we take our vitamins, we choke down wheatgrass shots, green smoothies, and raw kale. We spend hundreds on the best juicer, the best yoga top, the most supportive running shoes. But when it comes to our kitchen, the epicenter of our healthful world, we buy cheap glasses, leaching plastic bowls, and mass-manufactured striped plastic straws. So in a world filled with health conscious people, why isn’t more attention paid to the vessels that we use to eat and drink?

It is no secret that copper has numerous health benefits, for both inside the body and out. Since our bodies cannot synthesize copper on our own, we must ingest it to sustain our health and well being. Copper supplements can be found in any nutrition aisle, and copper bracelets or copper-threaded athletic wraps are ruling the market for joint and inflammation healing. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, copper is a necessity for any healthy body, and many people are not getting enough copper in their diet. It is found naturally in foods like cashews, oysters, and walnuts, it can be taken in supplement form, or it can be ingested in trace amounts by using copper kitchenware. Without copper, our red blood cells reduce functionality, our immune system is compromised, and our collagen production is weakened. Making the effort to get just a little bit of copper into our system each day can help benefit an already healthful lifestyle and diet.

Still not convinced that you need more copper in your life? What if we told you that copper has been proven to be antimicrobial, killing bacteria on surfaces and historically helping purify water. Copper surfaces kill more bacteria than any other metal, including stainless steel. It is the most hygienic metal that can be used in the kitchen today.

So, the way we see it, that copper cup can serve not one, two, but three functions… it can serve four functions toward a healthy lifestyle. 1) Trace amounts of copper absorption are essential for human health, 2) using copper is hygienic and can kill any lingering bacteria, and 3) that shiny copper is easy on the eye!

Happy and healthful drinking! Cheers!