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What Glass Is Best For Your Drink Of Choice

20th Dec 2021

What Glass Is Best For Your Drink Of Choice

You may have noticed there are several different types of glasses for different types of drinks. Why is this, you ask? Different glasses have been created and evolved over the years to enhance the flavor, aroma and temperature – very important factors for a premier drinking experience. Read on to see the methodology behind the different types of glasses and which one is perfect for your favorite drink!

Our most favorite vessel for beverages is the mug because of its versatility. Any type of drink can be served in a mug! Copper acts as a conductor and insulator to keep your drinks cold, giving every drink a nice crisp and refreshing taste. The handle allows for easy handling and makes sure your drinks stay cold and your hands stay warm. Carbonation also tends to be increased in a copper mug, so your drinks won’t taste flat. Goes well with: Moscow Mule, Mexican Mule, Kentucky Mule, Dark And Stormy, Gin BuckCheck out all our mugs here.

The lowball glass, Old Fashioned glass, or rocks glass, are all names for a short tumbler which holds around 6 to 8 ounces of liquid. Drinks are served in these glasses “on the rocks”, often muddled, and with more alcohol than mixer. These glasses are also perfect for serving a neat pour of liquor. Goes well with: Old Fashioned, Negroni, White Russian. Check out all our tumblers here.

Also called a Collins Glass, these glasses are used to serve mixed drinks that contain more mixer than alcohol and are poured over ice. These glasses have a smaller opening which helps bubble retention, keeping your drinks fresh. Goes well with: Dark ‘N’ Stormy, Bloody Mary, Mojito, gin & tonic. Check out all our tumblers here.

Traditional wine glasses have a stem, so you can hold the glass by the stem which minimizes heat transfer from your hands. And let’s be honest, stemless wine glasses are nice for those of us that have a tendency to spill! Red wines are served in larger, bowl-shaped glasses so you can easily swirl the wine, allowing for maximum aroma release. White wine is served in glasses with a smaller opening, therefor a smaller surface area to aerate so that wine does not oxidize too fast. Check out all our wine glasses here.

The martini glass has an iconic look and shape to it. Similar to the wine glass, these glasses have a stem so you do not transfer heat from your hand to the glass. Martinis are mixed and served without ice, so it is important to keep the drink cold. The cone shape helps maintain temperature and keeps the ingredients together. The large mouth allows the nose of the drinker to get close to the surface of the drink to fully absorb the scent and taste. Goes well with: Martinis, Cosmopolitan, Brandy Alexander, Kamikaze.

These larger mugs often hold around 20 oz of liquid so you can properly enjoy your brew. Similar to the mugs, the metal acts as an insulator so your beer will stay cold until the very end. They have a nice sturdy handle on them so your drink stays cold and your hand stays warm. Serve with any kind of beer or cider or larger cocktail you like. Check out all our beer steins here.