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Hammered Copper Pitcher

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  • 100% Copper of Classic Elegance
  • Measures 9 high and holds 60 ounces
  • Ayurveda Health Benefits
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Bring some classic elegance into your home with this beautiful hammered copper pitcher. Great for everyday use or entertaining guests! Also pairs well with one of our hammered copper trays.

According to Ayurveda, storing water in a copper vessel positively charges the water and kills bacteria. This water can help balance our body's ph, aid in digestion, regulate the thyroid gland, act as an anti-carcinogen, prevent joint pain and help maintain healthy skin, heal wounds and slow down aging due to its antioxidant properties.

Pitcher measures 9" high and holds 60 ounces.


Elevate the ambiance of your living space with the timeless sophistication exuded by our exquisite 100% pure hammered copper pitcher. Standing at an impressive 9 inches in height, this opulent 60oz copper pitcher designed for indulgent water consumption seamlessly merges classic aesthetics with modern functionality. Crafted to perfection, its hygienic interior boasts a seamless finish, while the meticulously soldered handle and spout ensure flawlessly graceful pours that epitomize luxury.

Unveil the art of refined living as you embrace the everyday opulence of this water vessel, tastefully adorning your table with a touch of grandeur. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic practices, savor the unique benefits of drinking from this copper jug—an act endorsed by tradition for its healthful attributes. To create a symphony of opulent allure, pair this magnificent jug with any of our resplendent pure copper mugs or tumblers, thus curating a complete ensemble of regal copperware.

Experience the sheer delight of hosting esteemed guests with an air of effortless elegance, courtesy of our distinguished copper pitcher. Infuse your chosen beverage with ice and let it languor within this carafe, as it impeccably maintains its chill and essence, enhancing both flavor and quality. Embellish your gatherings with classic Moscow mules, a spectrum of mixed drinks featuring rum, tequila, gin, or whiskey, or even embrace its versatility as an impeccable beer pitcher, or an accompaniment to wines, iced tea, and refreshing lemonades.

A connoisseur's dream, our copper pitchers seamlessly integrate into your home bar, resonating harmoniously with an array of copper barware selections from our curated collection. Should the occasion demand a gift that speaks volumes, our copper pitchers stand as a quintessential choice, be it a wedding, birthday, Christmas fête, or any cherished milestone. Elevate your sentiment with a gift that captures the essence of luxury, leaving an indelible impression on those you hold dear.

Revel in the splendor of this exclusive creation, tailored for the enjoyment of cold libations. To preserve its majestic allure, we recommend hand washing with gentle warm water and mild soap, refraining from dishwasher or microwave usage—a testament to its artisanal craftsmanship and enduring elegance. Indulge in the embodiment of opulence, where classic heritage meets modern sophistication, and let the aura of copper redefine your appreciation of refined living.