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10L (2.5 Gallons) Premium Flip Top Column Alembic Still with Thermometer

  • Meticulously Hand-Crafted
  • Meet all food safe standards
  • Premium Quality from Alchemade
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One of our most popular choices, the flip top alembic is ideal for steam distillation with either botanicals for making essential oils and hydrolats or fruit mashes for distillation of alcohol. The batch is placed in the column while the water is placed separately into the pot acting as a water vapour generator. The copper sieve incorporated into the bottom of the column allows steam to pass through the materials.

You can be ready for your next batch in a matter of minutes by tipping the column to the side to discard the spent batch and save time by using the water already inside the pot to continue distilling. With this equipment you are getting a two in one deal. This alembic can also be used as a traditional model, all you have to do is tip the column over and place the hood directly unto the pot. This should help out with the second distillation if so desired, to rectify the results and achieve a higher-grade distillate with the same alembic.

Our Flip Top Column Alembic Still includes a copper pot with soldered union construction, a rotating column attached to the pot with a metal support, which can be used or tipped to the side when you wish to use the alembic traditionally, a swan neck lid, an extension pipe and a condensing recipient with serpentine coil.  

The extension pipe is provided to compensate for the increased height of the column. It is connected between the lyne arm and the condenser. When you wish to use the alembic without the column, simply tip the column to the side and remove the extension pipe, connecting the lyne arm directly to the condenser.

Capacity: 10L
Height x Length x Width  cm:  74 cms x 55 cms x 27 cms
Materials: Copper & Brass Handles 
Copper Thickness:  1.1mm
Weight:  8 Kgs

This product is handcrafted and as such, measurements and capacities may vary slightly from the ones listed here. The copper thickness refers to the original copper sheet used in the manufacturing of the alembic. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.