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About Us

Ginger beer. Ice. Lime. They all add up to a Moscow Mule. But if there’s one thing that makes the mule THE MULE, it’s a frosty copper mug. Well, that and little Vodka – we can’t forget the Vodka. At Alchemade, we’re dedicated to keeping copper mugs alive and filled to brim. Because mixed drinks wouldn’t be the same without copper (and not just Moscow Mules). Whether you’re drinking a Whiskey & Ginger or a Gin & Tonic, a copper mug makes it colder to the touch, tastier to the tongue, and the occasion more special. But the beauty of copper doesn’t stop with a mug. Ladels and punch bowls are perfect for any kitchen, especially when you consider incredible sanitary properties of copper. And when it comes to your garden, it’s been proven that you can actually enrich your soil with copper gardening tools.

For centuries Alchemists have known the possibilities of this magical metal, and now so do we. Today, we do it all from copper housewares to custom copper mugs. It’s not Alchemade, unless it’s made out of copper.

So here’s to copper mugs and more.

~ A Socially Conscious Company ~ works with artisans in India who handmake each copper mug with love and care. The organizations we work with follow BSCI standards to ensure quality working conditions and safety equipment, no child labor, protection of the environment, fair compensation and ethical business practices. Since was started in 2012, over 100 artisans are earning a living wage to provide proper food and education for their families through dignified work in a caring environment.

Alchemade has also partnered with SOS Children’s Villages to sponsor orphaned children and their education. We believe strongly in the work that SOS does and will continue to sponsor children every year. SOS Children’s Villages supports families and communities in becoming self-sustainable, so they can provide for their children in the future. Community members and decision-makers are involved to determine which families need help and what kinds of programs will be most suitable. They rely strongly on voluntary and community work in this process. In this way, communities form strong social networks and can depend on them as they grow and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to meet their own needs and support themselves and their children for the long-term.