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6 Ounce Silver Nickel Kiddush Cup - Goblet, Chalice, Wine Glass

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Elevate traditions with the Alchemade 6oz Silver Nickel Kiddush Cup. Crafted with care, it blends elegance and modernity, honoring heritage. Perfect for weddings, milestones, or joyful events, it embodies Jewish tradition and spirituality. Ideal for kids and baby ceremonies, this small silver-plated cup carries the richness of sterling silver. Its intricate design mirrors sterling silver's opulence, exuding sophistication at an affordable price. Comfortably fitting in your hand, the Alchemade Kiddush Cup offers both tradition and contemporary charm. Its silver-plated construction complements any setting, from classic to modern. Experience unity and tradition with the Alchemade Sterling Kiddush Cup. Illuminate gatherings with its captivating glow, infusing each sip with shared blessings. Bring elegance to rituals and celebrations with the Alchemade Silver Nickel Kiddush Cup. Order now to enhance your special moments with the allure of real silver, forging cherished memories for generations. These nickel and silver plated kiddush cups are perfect for Shabbat, Jewish Holidays, Christian Holidays, special dinners, events and occasions. Simple, yet beautiful, they are sure to make an impression and add that special touch for your important celebration. These can also be used as regular wine glasses to savor your favorite wine in style. These handcrafted glasses are designed in a classic, modern, contemporary, and mid-century style. They are coated with a food-safe lacquer to help resist tarnish and maintain that shine and luster for years to come. These metallic wine glasses are ideal for special occasions, so you can use them at your next party, happy hour, dinner, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any holiday gathering.


  • Elevate Traditions: The Alchemade 6oz Silver Nickel Kiddush Cup seamlessly combines elegance and modernity, adding a touch of sophistication to cherished traditions and ceremonies.

  • Symbol of Unity: Illuminate gatherings with the captivating glow of the Alchemade Sterling Kiddush Cup. As a symbol of unity and tradition, it enriches each sip with shared blessings, creating lasting memories.

  • Affordable Opulence: Crafted with intricate design and silver-plated finish, this small cup mirrors the opulence of sterling silver at an affordable price. Ideal for weddings, baby ceremonies, and joyful events, it brings tradition and charm to any occasion.