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Copper Stills Are Now Available - Alchemade Blog

9th Jun 2015

Copper Stills Are Now Available - Alchemade Blog

Home distilling has become increasingly popular in the past decade. But we’re not talking about your Grandpa’s bathtub moonshine. People are now creating incredibly complex and unique spirits in their basements and garages. While some play with new concoctions as an occasional hobby, others have mastered the skill and precision necessary to create the perfect spirit. Distilling has become a new art form for enthusiasts and the possibilities are endless.

If you’re interested in exploring the world of home distilling and craft spirits, there are many books and resources online to help get you started. A great place to start is These guys are passionate about distilling and know what they’re doing. As they suggest on their site, read everything you can!

And when you’re ready to dive in and get going with your first batch we have the perfect stills for you. Made in Portugal by Copper Brothers, these beautiful handmade copper stills are made with the highest quality materials and 100% lead free. A family business for 3 generations now, Copper Brothers have a longstanding tradition of impeccable craftsmanship. Many hours of hard labor go into building just one of these copper pieces, and we are proud to help bring these products to the states. Click here to view our products and send us a sample of your first batch when it’s done!