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Modern Copper Jiggers (set of 2)

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  • 100% Pure Copper to Enhance the Flavors of Certain Liquors
  • Set of 2 Copper Jiggers
  • Sleek and Shiny Design
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Take a shot at style with these modern style pure copper jiggers. Perfect for your home bar with both a 2 oz and 1 oz capacity on either side. Copper can enhance the flavors of certain liquors, and its sleek and shiny design will provide a bit of panache to your next gathering. Please hand wash. 

DIMENSIONS: 1" wide x 4" high


Elevate your mixology game with these exquisitely crafted 100% pure copper measuring jiggers, designed to enhance your cocktail-making experience. Unveil the art of precision with dual sides, offering 1oz and 2oz measurements, ensuring the flawless creation of your cherished libations. Encased in a protective food-safe lacquer, these jiggers resist tarnish, preserving their mesmerizing shine and opulent luster over time.

Transform your cocktail rituals into a symphony of flavor by loading your shaker with ice, meticulously measuring your preferred spirits and mixers, and orchestrating the perfect concoction. Unleash your inner mixologist with the aid of the copper jigger, a tool that turns your home bar into a canvas for showcasing your bartending finesse, allowing you to craft beverages that rival professional standards.

Complement your expertly crafted beverages by pouring them into our signature copper mugs, ensuring your drinks remain refreshingly frosty for extended periods. Elevate your home bar's aesthetic with the timeless allure of the copper bar jigger, its sleek design seamlessly harmonizing with modern, contemporary, mid-century, and classic styles alike.

Whether it's a lively soirée, a casual happy hour, a sumptuous dinner, a heartwarming Thanksgiving, a festive Christmas celebration, or any joyous holiday gathering, these jiggers are your companions of choice. They're equally well-suited for unforgettable occasions like weddings, upscale events, catering affairs, and the bustling ambiance of bars and restaurants.

Indulge your passion for mixology while exuding sophistication with the copper bar measuring jigger. It's more than a tool; it's a statement of elegance that speaks volumes about your refined taste. Treat yourself to one, and why not share the joy with a fellow aficionado by gifting another? It's the perfect present that's bound to delight anyone who appreciates the art of crafting exceptional cocktails.

Remember to bestow proper care on these masterpieces—hand wash them using warm water and gentle soap. These jiggers deserve a personal touch and aren't compatible with dishwashers or microwaves. Immerse yourself in the world of distinguished mixology, where each measurement is a brushstroke, and every sip is a masterpiece.



    • Immerse yourself in the world of precision mixology with these stunning 100% pure copper measuring jiggers, meticulously designed to heighten your cocktail crafting experience.
    • Unveil the secret to impeccable cocktails with dual-sided measurements (1oz and 2oz), facilitating the creation of flawlessly balanced drinks that tantalize the palate.
    • Preserve the captivating allure of these jiggers over time, thanks to a food-safe lacquer coating that wards off tarnish and maintains their radiant shine and opulent sheen.
    • Elevate your bartending prowess by using the copper jigger, a tool that transforms your home bar into a stage for showcasing your mixology finesse and unleashing your creativity.
    • Enhance your beverage presentation by pouring your masterpieces into our signature copper mugs, ensuring each sip is a refreshing and enduring delight.
    • From lively gatherings to formal events, these jiggers are your partners in crafting unforgettable drink experiences, whether at intimate family gatherings or grand celebrations.