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Modern Copper Finish Pitcher

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  • Elegant Handcrafted Hammered Copper
  • Welded Handle
  • Makes A Popular Gift Idea!
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This beautiful and modern copper finish pitcher is the perfect accent for any room in your home. Also ideal for entertaining, serve your guests drinks and food in style with this timeless piece. Easy to clean and coated with a food-safe lacquer so it will maintain its shine and resist tarnishing.

9" high x 6.75" wide (top & bottom) x 4.5" wide (center)
Holds 47 oz
  • Luxury Handmade Copper Elegance for Your Home
  • Introducing the embodiment of timeless sophistication: the 100% pure hammered copper pitcher. Crafted to perfection, this luxurious copper water jug stands tall, presenting a magnificent sight that harks back to classic eras of elegance. With a seamless hygienic interior, a meticulously soldered handle, and a spout, every pour from this pitcher is perfection personified.
  • Often referenced as a copper jug for drinking water, its traditional roots trace back to Ayurvedic practices, where drinking from a pure copper jug is revered. Its multifaceted design allows it to effortlessly double as a rose water pitcher or a grand hammered copper vase, making it a versatile addition to your décor.
  • For those who desire a touch of grandeur in their daily life, this jug for drinking water is unmatched. Elevate your home bar collection by pairing it with our exquisite copper mugs, transforming it into a complete set of copperware elegance. The Copper Water pitcher, with its radiant gleam, not only serves as an ideal copper vessel for drinking water but also functions as a Large cocktail pitcher, perfect for concoctions like Moscow mules or any mixed drink with rum, tequila, gin, or whiskey.
  • Envision an evening with friends or family, your table adorned with this Large copper water Pitcher, filled with beverages of your choice—be it beer, wine, iced tea, or lemonade. The hammered design of the copper water pitcher with its unique texture ensures your drink remains chilled, amplifying the flavors, making every sip an experience.
  • Whether you're celebrating a copper anniversary, searching for the ideal 7-year anniversary gift, or looking for an unmatched copper pitcher for drinking water, our handcrafted beauty is the perfect choice. It's not just a metal water pitcher; it's a statement, a lifestyle—a pure copper water pitcher that resonates with luxury and attention to detail.
  • A token of timeless elegance, our copper water pitcher is a unique blend of tradition and modernity, making it the ultimate copper anniversary gift for her or any cherished occasion. Carefully hand-wash this masterpiece using warm water and gentle soap to maintain its pristine beauty.
  • Embrace luxury. Embrace handmade elegance. Adorn your home with the purest form of copper sophistication.